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Normal family girl, lady style and more importantly, you just act really disappointed me.  »

ginger Yaoshou admiration for her daughter’s gaffe ashamed.

« This blame my brother. » Missy in the end is the eldest, grew accustomed arrogant, Shanghai people have a saying called feces could not pull out the strange toilet is not good.

Jiang Ming to be her sister’s slender Yu Zhi pointing to forehead, face a little surprised, the heart cry:

« blame me, blame me for what? »
Jiang Ming
But then I thought I would be relieved, smelly girl is lawlessness pet parents, she would be so quick to admit mistakes which.

Jiang Ming to a model anti-usually good-natured brother, a sneer on the face of the moon Jiang said:

« I heard you and Hai Wen love, but people seem to be dumped is not it? »

« You - » Ginger moon which bear being sarcastic, but people are still usually dig their most loved her brother, she was both wronged and angry, anxious even speechless.

Jiang Ming seems to be well prepared, Hai Wen Jiang had formerly pursued the moon, but the moon sinking daughter Ginger heart is always in the money Jiaqi body.

But money Jiaqi bones was a dude, that when he and enchanting charming Xiaoyu house on fire, do not look in the eyes of the ginger moon.

also a moment of anger, and Hai Wen Jiang moon so good on.
However, there is a
jiangjia house rules, and not to fall in love before the twenty-year-old son, and not a boyfriend before her twenty-year-old. Ginger Ginger has always been to be a parent against each other, but surprisingly consistent two laws on education and children in this matter, and if either son or daughter dares to violate House rules will be sent to parents Departures University.

seemingly mortician’s top university is the supreme and total school, but said it was dark inside, the prevalence of authoritarianism, the teacher’s words as the emperor’s edict, who dared argue if the end would be very sad reminder.

ginger is the first time I heard that people fall in love with baby daughter, her eyes look utterly to ginger the moon, although the point of age, but due to the maintenance of good, still slender fingers, ginger is to use a pair of hand shot table, I did not expect so much ginger gas field, the table looks mountain ring, but pound the table is nothing, the storm is yet to come, I saw angry ginger Emei down vertical, looking ashen, she snapped:

« moon, your brother said is not true, I love you dare carrying? our house rules Jiangjialiang What do not you forget it? »

ginger moon so big never survive the training, she would like to play the eldest temper, but confidence has been insufficient, though the mouth is not pleading for his life, but has soft tone of voice:

« I …… I do not love and Hai Wen, is …… brother wronged me. »

« Why should your brother wronged you? » Jiang Ming I do not know what the magic is applied to the mother, which led ginger so I believe the words of his son.

Jiang Ming I’ve given my mom had seen her sister wrote a love letter Jiaqi money, money Jiaqi ginger also know, his father was a rich man, has been supreme and top two schools of big sponsors.

ginger moon continues to deny that she spoiled sell crazy, want to use the most powerful fighting mom Guinness trick, hugged my mom cry. Ginger moon really fast is my brother playing dead, she ran up to hug my mom tearful:

« Mom, I told Hai Wen Nothing really, are the brother wanted to set me up. »

« Hmmm, you talk 海汶 nothing, then you Jiaqi do with the money? » merciless ginger Bankai hold baby daughter on his neck Bibo, took over a stack of stationery from the coffee table.

colorful stationery is the little girl’s favorite, pink moon how think these drops, green drip, drip purple, yellow drops letterheads bit familiar, a closer look, yeah! That is not their own money Jiaqi wrote love letters do.

ginger moon has always let my brother do the messenger of the love letters passed Jiaqi money.

But money Jiaqi Jiang Ming I would share with Ginger and moon love letter content, while watching the two big boys always laugh, so you can pass an afternoon. These ginger moon are not known, she thought love letter has been my brother gave money Jiaqi.

« You see what it is? » Ginger threw a stack of colorful stationery ginger moon.
ginger gas, and sometimes actually speechless. This is always trust your own favorite good girl Yeah, did not think she was actually carrying out their own puppy, Ginger decided to come up with all the prestige of the town a town long.

first love letter is inscribed in time three years ago, at that time the moon baby daughter Ginger was only fifteen years old, she had been in love fifteen years old, and ginger discovered that he had been kept in the dark.

« smelly Jiang Ming I, actually I wrote a love letter to my mom to see less money, did not think your effort so heavy. » moon face a lot of ginger love letters become speechless, but she had hated his brother If now in the hands of a knife, then she will be Qiandaowangua this damn Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming I am calm, relaxed tasted his mother’s DIY cheesecake.

« ah, delicious, really delicious, my mom too eccentric, so give goodies every time that smelly girl taste, and so tired of eating the girl who was my turn again, but starting today, the situation will be quite different. « Jiang Ming I wanted to say, You Chang the one to pass up a cheesecake.

« I need to discuss with your father well, you see there is no need to go to the University of Departures. » ginger ginger icy moon called Listen to the words there is a feeling of being abandoned.

love letters after my mom definitely see myself very disappointed, but if you put yourself to the mortician University go, does not mean that the dead.

ginger moon face crying tears, begging her mother:

« Mom, I know that was wrong, and I will never have dared so, ask you to give me a chance to correct good, I swear from now on good reading, as one spent on learning, homework doors are the first test First, to ensure that admitted to prestigious universities. If you think this is not enough, you can think of other ways to punish me for example do not give me pocket money, No, no, do not give me pocket money I would commit suicide, give less, As long as food and clothing on it ……  »

« Hmmm, pocket money, you have to go mortician college, where also need pocket money. » Jiang Ming to the vagueness of the interrupt.

« spies you this, give me to shut up. » Ginger moon really shortness of breath, take off a bracelet on your wrist and threw it toward Jiang Ming to, so that is the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter, throwing a bracelet will throw biased, but Also partial to Grandma’s house, obviously I throw towards Jiang Ming bracelets, actually a serious deviation from the direction towards ginger raised a goldfish tank flew bracelets fell into the aquarium.

Jiang Ming to the moon smiled proud of ginger, ginger moon look of embarrassment.

« You young age actually writing a love letter is sure to be punished, but the punishment specifically how your dad have to wait to come back again after a given. » Ginger father has been missing for six months, his whereabouts has always been very erratic, to mention Jiang Ming and ginger moon, and even ginger ginger punch now do not know where you are.

« But writing a love letter regarding the moon, Ming Yu, you can not afford to shirk responsibility there. » ginger heavy women over men, after all, ah, floating, and obvious, honest, quietly put the consequences passed on to the son .

Jiang Ming I had expected my mom would come to this trick, he has enjoyed over cheesecake, when mom said my sister very young age to write a love letter, he also has the responsibility to do brother, when Jiang Ming I sadly bowed his head, sheepishly said:

« sister what it is today, in the final analysis do my brother’s bad. »

« is the thing. » Ginger moon proud ah, she became the proud cockerel, and see my brother said to be their own good time, he cast a glance of contempt towards the moon ginger.

really do not know this girl is ginger or the old lady, I saw Jiang Ming I changed the subject:

« But Mom, I also have hard-to-place money Jiaqi is my good friend, as you know, he always liked my sister, so every time he saw a letter addressed to his sister very happy, as He’s a good man, I want to make him believe there will be no mass transfer, but I missed the point, my sister is too small, not suitable for such an early love.  »

ginger very satisfied with his son’s answer, she mused point first:

« You and money Jiaqi grew up playing, as the two of you like a brother, which I can understand, but you do this too confused brother, sister, puppy love, you should tell me a little earlier. Alas, In fact, this can not completely blame you, your sister was two years older than you, many times you are still muddle it.  »

« is Well, you still have unsuspectingly, actually to manage my business, how you control …… »

« You do not give me to shut up! » ginger snapped.

ginger moon spit tongue, immediately shrink back. But at this moment the moon Jiang Jin ah proud that my heart because my brother just smell that money Jiaqi always liked her. Is it true, what day he coveted admiration admiration admiration even dream guy actually has long wanted to love myself.

« Hmmm, Shamao. » to see the edge of complacency ginger moon, Jiang Ming I contemptuous sneer in my heart.

« Hai Wen thief stole hide what I do not know where to go, I sent for a few days did not find, do not know the soul is not a thief stealing treasure in there. » think of the soul stolen treasure, ginger mother Youteng head, her hand rubbing his temples, want to make yourself a little comfort.

« Hai Wen moon you know where to go yet? soul treasure in Hai Wen, where you still here? » Jiang Ming I said.

ginger flower sea moon still intoxicated, she put her brother’s words to understand a smattering:

« Hai Wen Bao take the soul to make money, I really could not stand the ride when he fell asleep treasure stolen soul out. »

« What! soul treasure you here? » ginger think pocket a big circle, soul treasure in the original baby daughter here.

« Get out that you do not take it out. » Jiang Ming I think this girl really ghosts, there is actually something she refused to come out.

ginger moon embarrassing for my mom and my brother smiled, stammers:

« I put in a person’s soul treasure bag up. »

« who put it in the bag, I’ll send someone to look for? » Ginger finally see a glimmer of hope, excitement and stood up from his chair.

« bag on silly big sister. »

day tracking Amy’s hat is ginger moon, because Amy on the train when a child accidentally said Stuart German nickname cocky insects, in fact ginger moon childhood nickname also called cocky insects, revenge, ginger Amy put the soul treasure on the moon framed her bag.

« Mom, I assure you no one week, I promise to help you find the treasure soul back. » Jiang Ming to playing the package vote.

ginger, after all, does not believe his son could be so much cattle, she suspected I looked toward Jiang Ming:

« you so sure? »

« ah, a word, things will get back the soul treasure for me to do. »

« But the vast sea, where to find you? »

« the grace of martial arts go public Yeah, silly big sister soon go up martial arts when sparring. » ginger moon inadvertently helped his brother busy, so that people are really good heart straight use.

Jiang Ming I know benefactor is the moon’s ex-boyfriend, he opened a martial arts do, just do not know how silly big sister would go there when sparring.

Do not mind these, the most important is to help my mom back soul treasure, so my mom would not only own admiration, and most important thing is to enter the top school soul, which is the ultimate goal of Jiang Ming to.

ginger see his son certainty, within a week to get back custody of soul treasure, and my heart in spite of apprehension, but finally saw a glimmer of hope.

lost treasure Zuimotaiyan soul, and if so the total school supervisor know it is subject to severe punishment. The most serious consequence is to deprive ginger big mortician qualifications.

Volume Twenty-nine chapters in the morning time

« Hey, this person how? » an obese middle-aged woman said.

« ah -, epileptic, epileptic, this person has epilepsy crazy! » do not know who shouted, as the crowd like the tide flooded over.

« really is epileptic yeah. » migrant workers look like a man lying on the ground, pointing to the money Jiaqi said.

look like money Jiaqi, foaming at the mouth, his mouth issued?? sound, having seizures, it is very ugly.

So this is money Jiaqi’s Nankeyimeng, on the road yesterday after the onset of sleep at night when the money Jiaqi have continued to do the same a dream.

epileptic he made under the watchful eyes, keen on pleasing people around a few times, he was the people pointing.

money Jiaqi discovery awakened from a dream, when the sky is already bright, one who is sweating from the spine has been cold to heart.

conservative Wanjiebubao two decades of secret actually, think of yesterday and fell to the ground epilepsy scenario, money Jiaqi body on a cold sweat.

« Damn ginger moon, but for you this smelly girl to eat tofu dry foul mouth at me Ha, how I making fools of themselves, must look for opportunities to take what you repair this dead girl. » money Jiaqi a look bedside alarm clock, and found the time has come to get up, he jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom to wash.

etc. Mom told him to get ready to come in when the mother found her son unprecedented automatically without actually calling it today.
Mom and her son
side bed, side satisfied nod:

« What a good son, that he got up, he was a few days twentieth birthday, when I want to send him a mysterious gift. »

Hung spend money Jiaqi mom always uphold thrifty ideas, although her husband writer net worth billions of money, but a maid at home, please do not all get their own chores are flood flowers.

Although the family lived several hundred square meters of the house, but in the warm simplicity flood flower arrangement, looked very clean and tidy.

money Jiaqi complete wash out from the toilet when seeing my mom are finishing their beds, muttered:

« tell you how many times, blacks buy toothpaste toothpaste, tooth brush out so that only the white, you buy a cheap white toothpaste brush does not know? »

« toilet toothpaste you and your dad is the last time I travel to Europe to send a plane, that will give you a pity to throw away used, or are we to know which province you use an old married couple, I heard that foreign brands, your dad and I still made with anti-acid toothpaste, has been pretty good to you. « Mom’s hand and patted Jiaqi money to help him get past the shoulder wear clothes.

money Jiaqi look unhappy, hum hum in the air, said:

« fat free stuff on the plane actually have, but also when the baby like, you two are too save it, but our family rich family. »

« can not squandering money, remember the word …… »

« money should be on the knife-edge. »

money Jiaqi Mom said not so automatically took Buddist.

mother took his son to wear clothes from the closet, happy and said:

« Although our family a lot of money so far, but your dad is starting from scratch, so he proceeds to cherish now, do not waste a penny. »

money Jiaqi wore jeans, took photos in front of the mirror.

mother standing behind baby son, handsome son looked in the mirror, his face covered with a happy smile.

« Tsai ah, when you put your ear Ding Ling clatter things pick up, the yellow hair wash, my mom will think you look like a return to look better. »

« cut. » money Jiaqi disdain hum one.

money Jiaqi parents but it is still very open, but the only place open dress caught on school choice.

other half of the money in the choice of the parent money mother unwilling to compromise, they already have in mind the best candidate, you

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Doors, but the yellow mom, baby Kang, Hong Wa.

Amy simply pick up a few pieces of change of clothes, these clothes are Hong Wa donated to her, although the clothes are very old, every one above there are patches, but Hong Wa washed clean, Amy did not extra money to buy clothes, the rest of the thirty thousand dollars just to pay tuition, but also on their living wage earned. Amy has thought well, if the school has the opportunity to work-study program, she will not give up, either flush toilets or sweeping the floor, just to feed themselves on the line. In fact, Amy’s bones very strong, she imposing a wealthy American immigrants, unfortunately, was wicked in the back of the head with a hammer to knock, reborn into this Qiongshan nook, never felt bitter, no complaining, she had only one conviction, that is To strive, to become big mortician, to identify all the truth.

« I’m gone, good-bye. » Amy made a last goodbye, she walked between one room, with a yellow mother of a deep love, sincere gratitude, facing the room and no one to say goodbye , and Hong Wa, I will remember you smart and beautiful, Goodbye Yellow Mom, I’ll be in my heart forever bless you long life, you are so kind, long goodbye Jinwa baby water baby, you are some simple The country boy, and finally when Amy went to Kang baby room, looked at the bed messy bed, and dirty desk, Amy actually speechless, Guzi silently turned our backs and walked out. Kang baby, let me say to you, I know you love me, that night you kiss me on the outside, I know you told me how warm feelings, but I am not a prototype, not a real silly big sister, I Without her memory, so you simply do not have that kind of feeling, may have had the highest power between you and prototypes, you still foolishly thought I was her, is not the case, I was another person, the one you did not know person. Kang baby goodbye, wish you find your own happiness.

Amy bow quietly think to myself these words, she thirty thousand yuan entrance fee into a bag, carrying bags and walked out. Amy silly on the outside and see a group of kids playing guessing games stuff, a child asked all children:

« the world’s most stupid people? »

« of course, is silly chant. »

« I’m not stupid, you just silly it. » silly face very unhappy youngster who says he is stupid, angry pout ignore these children.

« the world’s most stupid people are stupid, stupid is the world’s most stupid people. » silly kids around the circle in the middle, said as he jumped.

« I’m not stupid, you just silly it. » silly angry road.

One little boy in a pool of cow dung thrown in the face of stupid, silly cow dung makes even keep my eyes open, silly wow is heard crying out. Amy wanted to bully past lessons that silly little boy, but she was ready to leave, do not want to go to arouse the attention of a silly, silly rely more on their own, the harder it is to get out of her.

silly eyes stick on the dung, see clearly, those rotten kids actually take the opportunity to put down on the floor silly, stupid and sat down, is estimated to sit his ass hurt, silly cry more loudly .

really outrageous! Amy ran a few steps forward, want to rescue want, but think they stopped, go go, go out of sight, invisible not feel uncomfortable, silly can no longer rely on their own from now on After he won without their own lives. Amy had left a few steps, she heard a loud sound coming from the yellow home mom, sounds like a woman’s voice. Amy stood exactly where you can see the yellow home mom small courtyard, well, Gouwa row Huang came, the edge that speak particularly arrogant chunky woman is estimated to be his mother.

« yellow old woman, Hong Wa, you do not take the cowardly, quickly Get your ass out! » party secretary’s wife really worthy of a dominatrix reincarnation, arms akimbo, hair messy, throat mountain ring, a glance is a bitch and fight master.

« Hong Wa, smelly rotten dead girl girl girl girl short-lived, dare abetting silly set fire to our family coffers, the large piece of silly big sister eat less fat, positive famine it, let you catch the large and small XX certain you!  »

Oh, how the bully will know the fire is put Hong Wa? Amy started alarmed, Hong Wa to save himself offended the bully, her fate without saying there will be more miserable.

« Son, do not tell them to ? winded, we saw what hit, I do not believe they take the cowardly life. » dumpy woman first put on the outside of the yellow sun mom radish thrown to the ground.

radish yesterday also ruined over these bullies, Amy and Hong Wa wash for several hours and finally washed out today trying to re-season, I did not expect to be in this bitch ruined, but these yellow radish home a mom winter dish ah.

bald head, who is the yin, the radish is a one stepped out into the mud, still shouting:

« silly big sister, your mother and father to come out soon, party secretary home eighty dollars less, you little slut is definitely stolen, sand yesterday to pay back the money when your father was also present, and certainly aimed at the dog baby put money in the TV cabinet, we take you out to the fire when they were stolen. Bow Wow, if I catch you, you must not have a good day.  »

80,000 Amy only took $ 50,000 and how will be more than thirty thousand yuan? There must be something tricky.

« continue to drop! » bitch himself thwarted tired, cross legs sitting on a straight-backed chair, looking at the group of bullies under the yellow home mom everything smashed a pulpy.

mattress thrown from the house after being thrown out, the windows were broken chair knock bare, cabinets, tables, bowls, and even the cupboards were thrown from the house fly out. These wicked, next life should be reborn to a dog, Amy really wanted to stop this fight in the past, but she could not because she wanted to leave, she must leave.

« Sister, how do you here? » Amy step back, look at these wicked eyes with tears thwarted yellow stuff home mom was preparing to leave, I do not know when to appear stupid in their own behind.

« silly. » Amy ripped off a few leaves for silly wipe the face of cow dung.

« Sister, where are you going? » Silly see Amy hand carrying a bag, knowing that she wanted to go out.

« The family is really a thief, you see, the money! » When evil people to fly out of the cupboard on the bed next to it, cabinets bulk of the aircraft, which is something all fell out, including Tianfu get back to work thirty thousand dollars, and Amy went away on the inside of twenty thousand dollars.

bad, just said party secretary home eighty dollars less, these wicked certainly put the money in the cupboard when the stolen goods.

« Well you have a yellow mother, who usually Deda Tao itself, did not expect a bunch of thieves actually educate the Sun, the yellow mom got me, I was going to interrogate her! » bitch snapped.

« Sister, are they doing? » silly simply do not know what is being staged a good show.

« silly, quick go with sister, fast and sister take you out to play. » Amy he gets silly hand, trotting toward the front door.

silly really thought sister took him out to play, very happy, laughing all the way, Amy was sad in tears.

yellow mom I’m sorry, I killed you, I’m really sorry, Amy For the first time I did a sense of obligation, selfish villain escape.

Volume XIV out of the Shan

not see, never mind, do not think, afraid to look, not pipes, can not think, Amy quickly ran out of the hand holding the stupid village. Silly still excited, I feel the best sister in the world, now about to take him to the outside worlds to play, silly happy « ow » barking.

« Hush - » Amy stretched out a finger on his lips and made a movement called silly whisper.

« Hush - » Silly copy of Amy’s gestures and movements, much more than just quiet.

dumbfounded Amy went outside, she knew the road on foot, on State Road in the mountain, looking forward to a new life in the mountain, but is presented in front of Amy winding, rocky and uneven, mountain sheep, how to walk the road so long, and so difficult, I’m afraid he did not come to the mountain, it was discovered that she ran away from home to catch the baby’s health.

« which can do? » Amy frowned anxious, at the foot of the steps to speed up the natural pace of a fast trouble lies, « pop » and look, Amy fell off their feet.

« Sister, how can you? » silly scared, he fell to the floor propped Amy.

« Oh, my feet. » Amy tried to walk a few steps and found Wei feet.

« Sister, I’ll back you. » silly to back Amy.

« No, sister can go. »

Amy limping away, anxious heart of something, according to this tortoise-like speed go climb, do not know to go to one of these years, and now back themselves silly suggestion, why not promise it. But when Amy silly hand on his shoulder, being wanted him to back himself when suddenly hesitated.

Amy reluctant stupid, he’s a fool, how could you want him back yet.

« Sister, I’ll carry you. » silly squat, do a back Amy preparation.

But Amy still hesitant, she thought a lot of back and forth, back or not is now back in front of Amy’s a big question. Back, reluctant silly, not back, for fear of turtles climb speed is Kang baby them catch up.

« Well, let me silly back, as long as my heart will always remember what happened today, I was stupid to come back from Qiongshan Gala Li, with no silly to me to children from poor back out, I do not Amy have a good day, from henceforth I was stupid pro-sister, stupid is my younger brother, no matter how difficult the road after the trip, I will not give up silly, silly abandon, I must wholeheartedly on stupid.  »

« stupid, do you tired, tired, then put me down and rest it. » Amy silly hand for wiping the sweat from his brow, and did not expect to go from mountain to Rulvpingdi silly, according to Amy seems silly little foot wind taste.

« Oh, I’m not tired, sister, you are very light, like …… light, light as cotton-like. » silly daft laughs.

« What a fool, how people light like cotton. » Amy distressed ask the ask stupid head.

silly if you go to practice, then it is still a good block material, yet the sun was already down when carrying Amy down the mountain. Yamashita really like Amy guess, is a national highway, Amy looked at the figures, it was 118 State Road, the name is really interesting, actually, « Yao Yao hair », ah, good luck, this metaphor Amy line is a good omen.

« Silly, you put me down. » Amy stood leaning silly Bibo edge of the road, watching the cars coming and going.

silly to see so many cars seemed a bit nervous, he hid behind Amy says:

« Sister, a lot of cars. »

« Do not be afraid of silly, as long as you follow the sister all right. » Amy behind to protect yourself silly. She held out her right hand, whatever attempt stopped a car, as long as people are willing to upload them to the train station on the line.

from Amy passing around mostly trucks and truck, Amy stretched arm ache, no one is willing to stop the car. About fifteen minutes later, a blue truck stopped, Amy burst of joy, that drivers are willing to take them for a ride.

« Big Brother. » she limped, was going to run up the driver stopped after the driver out of the cab, see Amy called him, he stretched his hands, indicating something so will say. Amy see the drivers trot forward, that he stop to pee.

and other drivers finished in urine, Amy stepped forward anxiously to say:

« Brother, do you go to the train station, took us a ride? »

driver looked at Amy and her hiding behind a silly boy, said:

« I do not train you to be on where it is? »

« We ……, my dad fell from the scaffolding, broken leg, and now still in the hospital, my brother and I hurry over to look after him, Mom cooking but also in construction sites, no time to take care of my dad. » Amy series to really like.

drivers no doubt Amy say, a fool and a little girl to anyone who does not pose a danger, however, unfortunately, the driver of a truck filled with glass exactly where to go and train the contrary, he wants to help Amy siblings no law to help.

« I really can not take you to the train station, you wait and see if there is no car to the train station, if any, the best, if not hurry home, down a dark day soon, I am worried that the two of you will have trouble.  »

« Thank you, brother, I know. » Amy drivers feel like lying, only regret watching people driving a car to leave the glass.

continue to persevere and continue Shenchangshoubi hailed, it seems, « Yao Yao hair » This figure does not bring good luck to Amy and silly, until night fell down, Amy still nothing, no car is willing to stop. Renxinbugu ah, Amy would like to ask for its better to ask yourself, she endured foot pain and silly travels along the national highway towards the direction of the train station, I feel like a little great, a weak weak sister, with a do not understand anything Silly brother, walking in a long country lane, a little heroic feeling.

« Sister, I’m hungry. »

« silly moment to insist, in fact, hungry sister panic. » Amy tired and hungry at this time, here is the National Road can neither store nor hotels, where to buy food. Probably travel more than an hour, Amy really does not survive, if not demeaning, then crawl, Amy really want to climb this time. She sat in a plastic chair with stupid.

Amy found here there is a row of container houses, people who live here seem to repair cars for a living, those who use containers converted into houses certainly warm winter and cool summer.

« Sister, I’m hungry and want to eat. » Silly saw container house a family of three and their coolie around a table to eat a simple meal of two dishes, but also clamoring to eat.

« can not ask people to eat something you know, or else put your sister to stay here, do not take you out to play. » Amy slightly stern tone of this time played a role hungry silly, silly not say hungry , watching people eat, while swallowing.

people inside saw this lonely bear two siblings, holding jobs hostess came out to see Amy, look silly, said:

« To you this is going? »

hostess Amy laughed:

« Our dad worked at the construction site when the injured leg, Mom let me take care of my brother in the hospital past the dad. »

hostess push lightly a bowl of rice, said:

« what are you going to the station? here still a long way from the train station, then walk at least two hours to go. »

« What, to go two hours ah? » Amy seemed to be thrown down from the mountains, and finally reached the top, do not want people gave him a kick in the ass, gets himself kicked from the top down.

« You stopped a car in the national highway No, certainly not stopped stopped over to it, since the last time this national highway killed a tour bus driver to open, no one would dare set midway Blocking people is said The bus driver was killed and a woman, that men still play lame, they pretend to passers-by hailed, I did not realize halfway forced open to take money out of the driver, the driver put all the money to the two men, but they still put people to kill , and you look at people now, do not be ah good people.  »

listened to the words of the woman, Amy had a creepy feeling, it seems silly themselves and are less than a car stopped, and he is also a man and a woman and you are not stupid, shortly before the murder occurred in this State Road also happens to be a man and a Women, if a driver is willing to re-upload it strange that they called.

« luck it, girl, you look a bit silly this brother, maybe have a good driver will set you, this hot rice bowls you and your brother to eat it, to fill his stomach better hurry. » kindly hostess Amy and silly to take to the two bowls of white rice.

« Sister, I want to eat. » Amy wanted some kind, silly already gobbled up.

« silly. » Amy

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Kang baby two hands holding two cups Laobaigan. GouWa upset and said:

« Kang baby What do you mean, do not be afraid of my next drugged halo fans do silly big sister in the wine? my wine is no problem, do not believe I drink to you. » Gouwa drank a bottle in the mouth Laobaigan.

« You see something I do not, it can always be rest assured that the next silly sister drink it. » Gouwa said.

Kang baby silent, to drink two glasses of wine down, said:

« I believe you do not mess about in the wine, but the wine is still silly big sister I’ll do it, she would not drink, and drink Sprite’s also about what you Gouwa If men do not, then pressing home women Laobaigan baby drink so intense.  »

GouWa heard Kang baby dressed, then reach out to touch his head, suddenly said:

« Yes, I forgot how stupid sister is a baby girl, do not drink, are not bald head, silly sister say please come to drink, I really think that silly big sister would drink, so as people buy specifically on Laobaigan good hospitality silly big sister. Oops, you see my mind, I would never have thought how silly big sister is a baby girl will not drink it? juice Sprite What should I buy to entertain silly big sister’s right. Anyway still bald head bad, he proposed a drink called the silly big sister.  »

Amy roundtable bald head toward the next fierce stare go bald head disdain Niexie silly sister glance, looks very arrogant, see Amy fire in my belly, hands already clenched fist.

« Gouwa, we, belch - » Kang baby body shaking a bit, see Kang baby Amy blushed like a pig, knowing that he would not drink a glass or two of just went so far as stuffy so intense Laobaigan down.

« Kang baby, are you okay. » Amy Kang hold baby behind.

Kang shook baby was firm, he said to Amy waved:

« . I’m fine, » Kang finished doll turned Gouwa:

« your home the gold window glass is my brother’s baby kicking, I must lose, as your Nike shoes yellow house we really could not get the extra money to buy you, but you can pay in installments, I give you a five month ten, five hundred pair of shoes, to a total of ten months on it, you say this line does not?  »

« This …… » Gouwa hesitated, as if I do not know what to say look, so Kang baby smiles:

« In fact, I am here today the most important thing is looking a little silly big sister to discuss the future As Nike shoes can keep things again …… »

« Who knows for sure what happened afterwards, accidentally ran monk, the temple also demolished. » bad bald head sounds best in the world at this juncture cynical rang.

« GouWa now talking to us about, none of your business, give me Shut your foul mouth goes! » Amy shouted bald head.

« bridge owned bridge, road return, regarding the normalization issue, kicking lost pair of shoes and a glass case, is the son of the village party secretary told Gouwa, identity is not the same you know? If Kang baby wants installments, then Your son is not beneath GouWa brother identity?  »

Amy is about to explode, she shouted loudly:

« bald head if you still want me to beat you! »

« I’m afraid you beat me ah. » bald head deliberately huddled in a chair, made a pair of frightened because he saw standing on the edge of Kang silly baby sister is slowly falling down.

« Kang baby, how do you? » Amy Kang busy hold baby.

Kang baby up after lying on the ground asleep, slept like a dead pig looked like Amy Kang baby puzzled muttered:

« knew not drink so do not drink. »

« ha ha …… »

GouWa they suddenly laughed, Amy looked strange towards these people, bald head and finally came up from the round table, pointing at the ground floor of his arrogance Kang baby Amy asked:

« Do you know why he would do? »

« Yes, ah, you know? » Gouwa about to jump in front of Amy Yaotouhuangnao happy.

Amy looked bewildered and Gouwa bald head.

bald head pointed to the table Kang baby just drank two glasses with a look of excitement, said:

« We did not lower in the wine drugged, but quietly around the cup, severely touched a layer drugged, you said Kang baby drank what will happen, of course, dead pigs changed slightly, ha ha …… »

« ha ha …… » a bastard room laughed.

Amy middle of the room stood a man, looking at these unbridled laughter, laughter is bad young man, actually had nothing to fear, not to mention the fear, even the slightest flinch look on his face did not show it, then give Amy people feel a little Duel of the image.

« ha ha …… » bad young man who has not finished laughing, Amy also laughed, she is more rampant than these bullies laugh, laughter and even with a dash of horror ingredients.

« ha ha …… » Amy laughed, her legs resting on a chair, looks a bit like a symphony in the Zirong. In fact, Amy does not know how scared my heart at this time, how nervous, how frightened she was to hide his fear with laughter. First, Amy does not drink, drink a little wine will be drunk, force yourself to drink if these bullies how to do? Second, Amy will drink very first romance when Amy hiding in the cellar where the family drank five kilograms of brandy, but under normal circumstances, Amy will not drink, only inspiration came before become very drink, just to pay the price. The most recent one from now will drink, Amy remember six months ago, the day exhibition held in the nation’s cheerleaders, led by Amy cheerleaders get only the country’s third score, which is reluctant to see Amy, her goal is to first names. In the case of Amy and losing at home in hiding in the cellar to drink, drank a whole row of red wine on the shelf, at the expense of face becomes like a pig. So every time when Amy becomes will drink when she is very afraid, because it will mean that there will be a terrible drinking occurs, it usually does not touch liquor Amy because she was worried that she would drink when suddenly become This is necessary out of the situation.

« fight it, big deal with them to fight, drink to drink, fight on the fight. » Amy has had the determination to die, her momentum overshadowed the group of bullies laugh laughter, and even to bully them conceal laughter, bullies are laughing one transfixed watching endless silly big sister.

Amy found that the situation seems to moving in the direction of shift in their favor, but she also did not want to stop, despite the fear Heartbeat 100, Amy can still exhibit a prowess posture. Although Amy practiced Sanda, there are anti-wolf surgery near the body, but the face of a house eighty-nine bullies, Amy is guilty. She did not want to come, when the body how to tie a bundle of dynamite, that the more revealing, if this time I opened the jacket with tape wrapped around the waist of explosives good, these bullies guarantee obediently withdrew. Who cares, a done deal a fait accompli, dead on the go die. So thinking, this group of bullies Amy exclaimed:

« Kang baby has been your whole get on the ground, unless you my silly sister to death today, not as long as I live out of this door will not let you. C’mon, you just kill to cut my stupid sister ready with you Pindiao a fate!  »

house silence, bully who you look at me, I look at you, it seems silly sister simply unknown in what to say.

« Silly Sister, you are too hard now, we just want to …… » Gouwa saying half the time, heard the sound of someone pounding on the door.

« party secretary do at home, I sand Daddy. »

« sand Daddy. » bald head told Gouwa.

« he doing here so late? » said Gouwa life bald head to open the door.

Amy is reborn over and she did not know who are the people of sand Daddy. In fact, sand Daddy is a family here upstart, he got the mining rights by personal gain near a coal mine when the coal bosses.

« party secretary back? » sand Daddy are constantly at the door.

« county party secretary to a meeting, and not come back. » This is a bald head voice.

Amy heard someone knock on the door, my heart burst of joy, think savior come, they have a way to get out. But when the sand Diddy sneaking in the door, Amy found themselves simply do not know this person.

sand village party secretary, said the father was not at home listening bald head, and saw a small house young, especially when he finds silly and Kang baby sister actually is here, the sand becomes ambiguous father’s ridicule them.

« yo, silly sister also do. » sand father’s face looked surprised, because he actually saw Kang baby asleep in the chair.

« Gouwa, give this to your father, the last time I asked your father to borrow money until now have not yet, I’m sorry. » Amy see sand father put an envelope stuffing Gouwa.

bribery, blatant bribery. Amy sand at a glance Daddy is bribery, Well, borrow, party secretary Why should I lend you this old man. Amy see GouWa put money in the TV cabinet, this is their home place « swag » place, Amy finally know what is called bribery.

« I walked Gouwa, such as your father after I come back from the county to meet with him a drink together, your father is really a great guy, great leader ye village. » sand father said smiling, talking and Sister ambiguous cast a silly one.

GouWa’s father also was a great leader? Give birth to such a great leader Tsai? This world is really a lackey of the world, bald head with sand or dad than it seems the primary version, Amy finally understand what is called Daoxing.

Volume Chapter XI of meat on a cutting board

sand Daddy is gone, the house’s doors slammed shut the look, Amy also face these monsters alone, but in spite of very severe form, can Amy did not fear. She tilted his legs sitting on a chair, put on a look inviolable, she thought the culprit culprit here is the bald head, so have to be intimidated bald head. Amy hook the hook fingers on bald head, said:

« You come, you and I together Qiecuoqiecuo during the day with only a few large backpack me a successful force, you have not learned the essence of me, I feel the need to re-teach you. »

bald head cold smile, Amy felt his smile a little unusual, as if to make himself a more insidious vicious tricks. Rub on the glass are drugged so underhand absurd, Amy does not worry the next scene will be very dangerous.

« silly big sister you worry, in fact, we invite you to come so late is something Xiangqiu. » Gouwa front Duodao Amy said.

Amy still hands across their chests, a sacrosanct look, she shook his legs, put an arrogant look, said:

« how, look at me martial arts is good, do you want me to teach them myself ? martial arts? »

« next is with this intention, the brothers do not do silly big sister quickly knelt to worship the master. » Gouwa order, actually a bunch myself  uniform kneeling down, high channel?:

« master on, please by disciples worship. »

strange, the situation is too weird, Amy sometimes be confused faint daytime group had just learned myself ?, now actually to worship himself as a teacher, do they so quickly forget the pain of the day? Things are definitely not so simple, because Amy was beat up during the day and found himself bald head has also mixed in with a bunch myself ? Kneeling there called the master himself. Bad situation right, Amy staring bald head look, she was surprised to find that bald head of his eyes suddenly flashed a subtle evil. They’ve outlasted a health baby, the next step is to deal with myself, Amy did not know how they would suffer themselves pastime, Barbara worried to death. « Puff » look, all the house lights suddenly went out, Amy knew the count, she would have guessed these bullies will not be so easy to let yourself, what study with a teacher, but they are bullies who beat the guise The purpose is to paralysis Amy.

« ha ha …… » with bald head and headed bullies laugh Gouwa special laugh.

« bald head double your insurance plan true spirit ah. »

« Kuaifang Kai me! » Just at that moment the lights in the house to put out from the chair Amy recent Gouwa a Ehupushi, look to turn Amy flutter to the ground, Amy, who is now riding Gouwa .

Amy can not think like thin leather monkey Gouwa actually so heavy, he sat on his stomach, Amy a little breathless.

« how these two kind of trick? brothers think I’m bald head is not very smart? »

« bald head very smart brother. » underneath myself ? shouting.

« talk too loud, I can not hear you. »

Amy seen shameless, but never thought like bald head so shameless.

« bald head brother peerless clever. » underneath myself ? shouting again.

« I like these words, I hear so comfortable - » bald head deliberately prolong the tail, which is provoking him toward the ground Amy issued since the day when Amy was Amy flat let him said the same thing .

Amy was Gouwa riding in the stomach, uncomfortable breathless, until now she finally knows what these bullies want to do on their own. GouWa in Amy’s face Qinliaoyikou, Yin said with a smile:

« is the name did not sound silly big sister, in fact, she was beautiful, nigga you is not it? »

« Yes! »

« are you a dead head. » Amy’s hands were Gouwa clung, this time the house lights and lit up, Amy’s face toward Gouwa spat.

« I dare you spit. » Gouwa bad young man finally revealed his true face, he ordered one myself ? Hold down Amy’s hands, feet, another hold down Amy, Amy wore ripped outside the jacket, exposing the inside of the shirt, Gouwa excited puffing, he laughed very immorality:

« brothers I first cool, and so I finished you then slowly cool to enjoy. »

Cana, Amy never dreamed after the first misfortune of being born again …… actually encountered, although the anti-wolf brain surgery on Amy review over and over again, but there are too many wolves, and Also what wolves are, overcast wolf, wolves, tigers everything, her anti-wolf surgery in front of so many wolves that are not used.
Yin Xiao
bald head has the edge, as he has long coveted and Gouwa silly big sister, and today this trap is plotted bald head director, he is very proud of his high IQ. Bald head squat, Tut with his tongue, Yaoshou watching Amy said:

« really poor ah miserable day how you beat me, I’ll wait how could you, I would have told you, tonight will be your life’s most special one night, you will remember worried. « bald head just fitted out a modest change, loudly asked Gouwa:

« Boss, we carried her to go to your room, the rope is ready, put her tied to the bed properly cool, you cool all my cool, my brothers Shuang Shuang finished, you see how the boss? »

« What a great idea, you first carried her into it, I drink a few mouthfuls of wine on the table, I want to take the mood brewing. Damn, I’d like to chew on this bone, just that the baby had been dead and Sport against me tonight actually came a double-edged sword, Kang baby solved, this girl finally let me taking a dip, even if I have to go now Xianyan Wang Gouwa now I’m willing. « Gouwa spoke to on the couch Kang sleeping baby kicked to the ground.

« You son of a bitch, unless today kill me, whether I was tortured into what, as long as I can live out the door to go, we must kill you! » group of bullies when Amy was lifted from the ground to the , cried incessantly.

« I advise you to forget it, after tonight you will no longer yellow big girl, if Kang baby will want you, then head off my bald head when you make a stool to sit. »

« Bah! » Amy’s hands and feet, although the few strong hands caught, unable to move, but when she heard the bald head said this time, or spit towards his face at one point.

« You …… » bald head was about to play Amy, I saw Gouwa suddenly cried out:

« bad, with

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What a party secretary, played by Kang baby? No wonder he was so useless, people had tasted the bitterness, Amy be little understood, village tyrant overshadowed by the Italian mafia.

« 大嫂子 have my grandmother go with you, you worry, do not be afraid, besides meeting the county party secretary still did not come back, no one would dare to bully you, although the wife of his fierce like a tigress, but this woman very greedy, she saw you take the ceremony in the past, will certainly be greeted with a smile. « when leaving Hong Wa Amy are still cheer.

Hong Wa, then party secretary called Amy seems to be listening to feel like myself how Amy looked in the mirror these days also took photos carefully, glanced, she found that although rebirth, but the looks, but he is have not changed, the original Chinese village there is a big girl looks exactly the same with their own. Amy is a beautiful girl, so she wanted to party secretary Could coveted own beauty, once the prototype moving too bad brains? Amy is such speculation, the threshold when she has not taken the time has come to hear outside with her mother in yellow with a person talking, listening to the sound sounds like a bald head:

« yo, yellow mother, but also out of it so late? »

« is Bow Wow, ah, you did not come home so late how to recover, busy day for Gouwa busy East West also tired and feel uncomfortable, although you are still young, but also pay attention to the body. »

yellow mom’s words are right, Amy felt almost to spit, not only called bald head yellow mother’s name Bow Wow, and went so far as tone of voice so kind, polite and even with a little curry favor with the ingredients. This in the end is what the hell, people here are living in the shadow of one of the others, the whole family for so Gouzhangrenshi actually still so groveling, Amy felt a bit suffocating air, she saw in the newspaper once again reminded that the Departures school enrollment notice, she must leave this place, to the outside world were freer to some battles.

« silly big sister in it, Gouwa there please, I would like a cup of watery liquor silly big sister to go home. »

what Gouwa please me? During the day playing his men, a group of people ran in disgrace, has now asked me in the past? Amy give birth to numerous questions in mind.

« Silly Sister Gouwa go home, even though she rushed me to torture Kang baby come. » Amy had been standing behind him I do not know where yin chi baby is when Kang went outside to go, Kang baby always ignored cold suddenly hot, let Amy a little puzzled, but actually did not hesitate to come forward at this time.

« Bow Wow, is not party secretary came back? » yellow mother asked with a trembling voice bald head.

bald head « Oh, » the one said:

« This time the child is still the county party secretary met it, which came back so soon. »

« That was silly Gouwa Mother Sister, please go? » yellow mother asked.

bald head and « Oh, » a cry, impatient and said:

« You always how so many problems, this time Mother Gouwa child in the home county of concubine cards do, she did not fight until dawn will not come back. because Gouwa Mother is not, so it convened a Gouwa Silly Sister would like to help the brothers get together.  »

« But now the weather has been so late, silly sister also issued a burn it, I’m afraid the one hand, her body too much, do not go out for the evening, while cold will spread to everyone, so I want to wait for dawn to say. » Huang mom.

« You always really great-grandmother Mom, you silly sister afraid we ate it? only able to talk to a group of young people for dinner only. Silly Sister people do, quickly called her out, snacks are ready, do not may be necessary to cool the food.  »

« I’m here, I’ll go with you. » Amy put all their eggs into the hands of Hong Wa edge of the basket, and went out, he went out Hong Wa pull on the sleeves Amy, said to her fear :

« Da Saozai do not go, this is their Banquet, you think you hit a bald head during the day, evening Gouwa come to ask you, this is not obvious thought the whole you? »

Amy smiled and hugged Hong Wa said:

« I’m not afraid of them. » Amy is really afraid of these people stick with what they have practiced Sanda, also in the United States over anti-wolf art school, Amy simply do not panic heart of breath.

« I’ll go with you. » said Amy went bald head in front.

bald head has experienced the day Amy’s hand, this time a little bit scared, his hand over his subconscious is now fart egg pain after Amy backpack, made a humble gesture, please. Amy saw bald head to think of a traitor, traitor war film where not all that right, idiom, bowing.

« silly big sister you do not go, fooled. » Huang anxious mother, Amy pulled her sleeves literally dragged her into the house.

« Grandma you do not like this, some things always have to be solved, and I know this Tianzao party to go along with my stupid sister, you always will be assured. » Kang Doll said.

Amy Huang mother anxious to see tears came out, she repeated the words of Kang baby:

« . Yes ah, this day would come sooner or later, » Ma Huang is also ready to sacrifice her heart after a cross next to Kang, she said:

« there you go along to accompany silly big sister, grandmother believe you. »

Kang Huang baby mama heavy nod, look very serious, a little taste of the lone hero.

Amy did not know « will come sooner or later, » What does it mean, but she would have guessed that Amy would like Gouwa certainly by this evening the opportunity to torment her and baby health, baby health and well Gouwa This certainly happened in the past between himself three over certain things, but one Gouwa beaten, so he will take advantage of the parents are not home when they called in the past.

Volume IX Banquet

« walked behind me. » Amy has been with the baby behind Kang suddenly irresistible tone commands with Amy walked behind him to go, while a handful of rude to Amy pulled behind himself.

« You …… » Amy was about to attack, I saw Kang baby with a playful tone:

« I really doubt that you put brain fever burned out, come out at night before you afraid, afraid to stay at home as long as it come out after dark, not here now afraid of the dark, but also daring to actually hit. »

wanted to tell Amy Kang baby she was reborn over, is not the past that timid prototype.

« I have a martial arts do not you know, today I hit the bald head was not too comfortable, do not believe you asked bald head, he was a comfortable I hit? »

« comfortable - » bald head lengthened tail that was too dark, bald head and went in front, so can not see the bald head Amy’s face when he said it a comfortable face suddenly become very frightening, especially eye, a nasty look, a bit like biting coldness heroes suddenly withdrawn from the chilly sword scabbard issued. Bald head to take revenge, his revenge plan tonight. Although bald head afraid Amy’s skill, but do not forget that he is the world’s most powerful instigate guilty, do not encourage Gouwa deal with Amy.

Amy is reborn over, so she went to the village party secretary did not know how to go the way home, she just told Kang baby back in tough travel. Amy childhood growing up in the United States has never been so difficult to go through the mountain, she has several times been uneven pavement insurance stumble, walking in front of Kang baby still feel silly big sister how to walk quickly go today so slow, he fumbled back to the dark silly Sister tough front line snapped:

« go faster, like a turtle crawling like. »

« Kang baby you dead. » Amy heart bitterly thought she did a health baby with boxing action, but unfortunately it was too dark, Kang did not see baby Amy to do this action. Amy had just made a boxing action, carelessly stumbled, just listen to « ah » sound, Amy actually an ass fell to the ground.

« how you? » Kang baby back impatiently.

Amy sounds alarmed at the forefront of the bald head, he looked toward the curious, but the dark to see anything, bald head asking silly big sister:

« Here snakes and more, you are not being bitten by a snake? » If Silly Sister bitten, play into the hands on the middle of the bald head, you can report the day is hatred of her backpack.

Kang baby walked over and saw that silly big sister actually fell to the ground, he thought, maybe she was recovering from illness frail wrestling, but more than just bald head said here snake, she went so slow, in case the snake bite how to do? Kang baby stretched out her hands on Amy’s armpits, the burst of panic that Amy Kang baby what to do, surprise:

« you, you, you want to do? » When Amy Kang baby hand into the armpits, in the United States learned the art of anti-wolf Amy astute guard immediately put his hands on his chest.

Kang baby is trying to Amy picked up from the ground, the baby looks thin Kang effort to really big, what took Amy carry from the ground up.

« you, you …… » Amy was still with her anti-wolf art of self-defense, two hands crossed across their chests, the protection is in place to do the work.

Amy Kang listen dark cold hum a baby has her own anti shoulders.

« you you …… you …… » Amy Kang baby and it was like a sack of rice on his shoulders like anti walked forward.

« you, you ass, even after a serious illness will not go up the mountain, but before you go mountain plains are faster than walking during the day, when you really do not know where to actually play to the strength of people. » Kang resistance from baby Amy to go fairly easy.

Amy is anti the feel uncomfortable, but do not go mountain stronger than comfortable, Amy really not used to go mountain. She whines American country ballad with a first baby at the shoulders Kang, Kang, she said triumphantly:

« wait to Gouwa home, you see, I cue. »

« You give the province the provincial bar, you just hide behind me on the line, I’ll get the other. »

« martial arts but I have to deal with a few myself ? almost effortlessly, to a dry one to two dry a pair, you are a pale-faced scholar, or good care of yourself. Little Women have long been in my heart the trick to deal with this group of village bullies.  »

« Hmmm, you are a coup Women Current generation has it, your so-called trick is to die early in their hands. »

« How dare you say that I am a pale-faced scholar Women Current generation, I’m one of the boys, there is martial arts. » Amy naughty hand pinch the baby’s health both ears.

« quickly let go, or I put you threw down the cliff. » Amy Kang touch on baby’s ears itch, he warned Amy to take her thrown out. In fact, this time the baby’s heart health are even sweeter than honey to eat, although the anti-big sister to go up with silly little difficult, but because it is their favorite people, so not only do not feel tired, baby health, but also happily it.

Amy heard the sound of the car, she also saw the mountain twinkling, evidently this is not a completely closed small village, at least it has a road leading to the outside world, and has so many cars on this road, otherwise they would not see so many twinkling lights. Here are the national road maybe? Amy wants is to go down that country road, it is easy to leave, but how to do after leaving? Who do not have a penny, what means to buy food, what could take the train, what could pay tuition. Now a very real problem in front of Amy, and that is money. Want to leave here have to have money, otherwise everything is no good.

gone a long or short mountain Gouwa finally came home, bald head the Health and silly baby sister, then listen to crystal clear, he did not put a fart along the way, but his heart was very badly lively, bald head think tonight is a good opportunity to avenge himself, he should always remember the silly big sister what happened tonight. Sinister bald head is yet unknown, but from his gloomy sneer can be seen bald head has made a commitment to hard the whole silly big sister, just do not know how he wanted a whole method.

a door to see myself and a group of Gouwa ? sat around a large round table round, advanced door Kang baby, because he wanted to protect the silly big sister, big sister to let silly hiding behind myself, so Kang baby first into the door. After GouWa met Kang, she said:

« silly big sister does, bald head, I’m not asking you to please do silly big sister, you put Kang baby please do what? »

« silly big sister in the back, I did not ask Kang baby, want to come to his own, in fact, be a good one, kill the two of us together. » bald head doll Kang finished sinister smile.

Kang baby a faint glimpse of the bald head, was not afraid to say it is false, Kang baby counted, who found Gouwa as many as eight or nine, but his side was only silly sister and him, in case of conflict up, definitely fewer people suffer side.

« Gouwa, I’m coming. » Amy did not want to do the little man behind the woman, she was about to jump from behind Kang baby will come out, raise the voice said to Gouwa.

Kang baby sister to see what silly when out from behind their own, hurriedly pulled back to her, and barely tolerable stern glance to her, seemed to be saying I told you to hide behind obediently dodging, do nothing speak.

« silly big sister had long admired had long admired, come, drink a glass of water the wine, which I respect your Gouwa. » Gouwa reach for a glass on the table, on the inside filled with liquor and handed Amy.

Amy Kang baby this time because they were pulled behind him to go, want Shenshouqujie Gouwa wine, he was one step ahead of Kang took the baby down, baby health and Amy a stern glare and snapped:

« You give me honest alone, here’s something you did. » Kang baby seems to be doing tonight Huhuashizhe.

scumbag should be played at this time, is not it, really congratulations Hershey bald head bald head, he again put signs at the top of his head scumbag, see Kang took the baby sister would have been silly to give to drink liquor, bald head instigate vagueness of the sentence:

« GouWa make silly big sister to drink it, do not have to let you drink, you …… »

« you what you, you, you ass. » Kang baby underground heavy « Pooh, » a cry, Kang baby looks really man, and see Amy’s eyes blinked a few times, I feel that little bald head is Kang baby ringing tone tone playing back.

bald head looked a little consternation Kang baby, it seems like people do not know. Kang baby on the bald head Leng Heng said:

« bald head ah bald head, the Soviet Union, the war in Iraq is over, Chang E II heaven, and every minute of the people and things in this world are changing, how do you change it at all? do people a few years ago The dioica, a few years later still others dioica, you’re bald head dioica, the future is not yet aspiring to nurture her little bald head dioica, do not you born dioica life?  »

« Yeah, great, Kang baby brother! » Amy has been loaded mountain girl dress well, but when Kang baby taunt bald head under Amy excited when exposed nature of innocence, her fingers playing on Kang baby a victory gesture.

Kang had never seen such a silly baby sister, surprised and said:

« Babes you are right, why so? »

Amy knew rash, Kang baby spit tongue obediently shut up.

bald head was Kang baby smell a meal, temporarily quiet down, he sat down at the round table.

Then Amy suddenly found himself watching Gouwa look a little strange, I wonder if he is nearsighted or how, when actually squint to see Amy, but also from top to bottom look carefully, especially when you see the When Amy’s chest, Gouwa the peering eyes is staring. Amy felt the air tense, her anti-wolf revision surgery in mind.

Volume CHAPTER situation is very grim

« We do not say Ming dark words, today a very pleasant thing happened in my yard, and the causes of things because my brother her gold, he kicked broken Gouwa your home a piece of window glass, which I shall also asked the baby long, long gold baby doll also admitted kicking, so Gouwa glass house by our yellow house to compensate. « Kang baby say clearly and logically.

But look Gouwa a grinning look seems to have forgotten something during the day, he saw the end to the silly sister Kang baby to drink wine was taken away, and from the bottle and poured on a glass of wine to the silly big sister, but this Kang baby cup or be stopped,

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Blush, went so far as emphatic:

« Our family’s glass is bulletproof glass, bulletproof glass what you know is the bullet not hit broken glass, a bullet-proof glass at least five hundred dollars, a pair of Nike shoes are just five hundred yuan, a bullet-proof glass just arrived one pair Nike shoes, do not count on a lot of points, I would give you a budget passed, I will not corrupt your Gouwa Huang penny.  »

« Hong Wa rogue I see more, but as you have never seen such a rogue. » Hong Wa nodded and looked Gouwa, students feel that this person is really vain man, she said coldly:

« Since your home is bulletproof glass, like you said, the bullets are playing is not broken, why are gold baby kicking? »

Amy nodded silently in the house, she really is a Hong Wa smart lovely.

GouWa see Hong Wa said the key, do not go a little hardcore, but there are still rogue rogue Lai law, I saw he told Hong Wa:

« Of course someone kicked bulletproof glass is not broken, but Jinwa guaranteed kicking up as the baby’s foot is King Kong firepower feet, are even more severe than the aircraft artillery. »

« You …… » Hong Wa speechless with anger.

chance to avenge see bald head, echoing Gouwa said:

« Jinwa indeed a pair of diamond firepower feet long, five or six years ago, he kicked my foot on the calf, and now bruise it, do not believe I gave you see bruise on my calf. » bald head really stroked the pants up, people look at his leg bruise.

« bruise your legs are just being kicked Gouwa, how to hang on her gold head. Jinwa was only twelve years old, five or six years ago when he was only six or seven years old, how can a six-year-old child how would you Tuiti into this? « Hong Wa said.

« So the baby’s legs are gold diamond firepower legs, this is the power of King Kong firepower legs Yeah. Hong Wa, you do not Shamao, your brother Jinwa legs, amazing, really kick Gouwa home bulletproof kicked a big hole in the glass, I saw not only the company commander saw the baby, long baby brother you say that right? « bald head suddenly become amiable up, long before the baby is smaller this year, only eight years old, bald head and peaceful hand stroking long baby’s head, out of your pocket a Dove chocolate, candy wrapper stripped out, long chocolate stuffed doll mouth, grinning ask people:

« sweet yet sweet words you say you saw your brother Jinwa kicking the Gouwa home bulletproof glass. »

long baby never eaten such delicious chocolate, and he did not understand what is sold, after being bald head inducements said:

« ah, gold baby really kicked the Gouwa home windows broken. »

Hong Wa Wa no longer blame, Blame that damn bald head, Hong Wa moment speechless with anger, angry bald head slovenly see Hong Wa shaking a leg, his mouth Diao a cigarette, looks like there there are more and more pull pull, Hong Wa really want to rush to a strangle him.

« Jinwa kicking our family’s bulletproof glass, a sum of Nike shoes. » Gouwa shouted loudly, echoing underground group dioica busy:

« lose Nike shoes. »

« really outrageous, kicking an ordinary glass actually want people to lose one pair of designer shoes, which is sort of truth! » Amy never sit still, she forgot to Hong Wa care of her told her not to come out, then, stormed ran out.

GouWa they are still there rallying cry of broken glass still kicking shoes, Amy shouted loudly:

« Give me all the stops! »

in the end is a cheerleader, do not get too full gas field, the sound completely overshadowed Gouwa their voices, even brought these people shouting astonished, surprised all eyes Zhang Huang mom doorstep stood, hands on his hips, his head and chest, an awe-inspiring goddess of victory inviolable silly big sister.

prototype after rebirth despite memories that are not in my mind to leave, but Amy glance to see these people, it must be led by the son of the village party secretary of Gouwa, because there is a group of people wearing his best . Amy hand pointing Gouwa, without fear, said:

« Jinwa If they are not careful kicking the windows of your home, we only pay you a glass. Well, you want to fool people can and want to fool me can not, simply can not be broken bulletproof glass, only split, you silly big sister when I is not even common sense is what people do not understand it? broken piece of glass is actually a sum of a pair of designer shoes, you have even more severe than the Pirates of the Caribbean, you can ah. « Amy towards vertical Gouwa the thumbs.

quiet, really quiet, even a pin drop could hear voices, Amy found that everyone, including Kim Hong Wa Wa Wa and long village bullies are those amazing eyes to see with their own. Amy suddenly feel a little guilty, she thought, was not a cloven hoof, and if the prototype is a small woman-like figure, so I have not completely freak out. Who cares, as long as the group is the last word village bully off, cleared his throat, Amy asked her gold edge:

« how you play the Gouwa home windows broken? say what, do not be afraid, you have twelve years old, is a little man, you should come up with courage. »

Jinwa has always bowed his head like a trembling, he looked up at Amy one, and quickly bowed his head and whispered:

« I played football when accidentally kicked Gouwa house windows broken, but I just kicking up a glass, I really only kicking up a glass. »

Amy nodded, then turned to long-doll and asked him:

« Jinwa say is not true? »

long baby licked his lips, his mouth still residual Dove chocolate flavor, so good mood, saying crisp:

« Jinwa say is true, he was playing football when accidentally kicked Gouwa home windows broken. »

« What’s not to accidentally kicking, simply intentional. » It seems bald head really is not a good thing, the key moment came instigate. He saw this not good enough, come to a more evil, the yellow mom sun dried radish out deliberately thrown to the ground, this is not enough, it is still behind the more evil, popular baby screaming pounce want to rescue When spread on the ground radish, bald head looked Hong Wa cold one, step on their feet underground fiercely radish, radish yellow mother of a winter entrees, family winter activities done by radish, turnip now Dry culprit bald head under the instigation of being a bunch of village bullies one by one stepped mud, Hong Wa anxious cried out:

« radish, my grandmother sun dried radish, this is our house and eat a winter Yeah, hum …… » Hong Wa sad crying.

« really outrageous. » Amy thought we must remember, punishing evil Correctional first song, her stride vigorous pace, dashing high spirits rushed to the front bald head, bald head was still there evil, laughing radish stepped on the soil go dry, Amy suddenly lifted him from behind bald head up, threw a big backpack.

« Oh, yo. » bald head butt the ground, « bang » sound and fell to the ground, the pain get up again.

Amy looked coldly bald head and fell to the ground once again picked up the bald head, and threw him a big backpack.

« Oh -, hurts me. » silly big sister’s bald head did not expect such a big effort actually, two backpacks put their whole body bone fell almost falling apart.

« committed instigate you a treacherous villain, see I do not take lessons from you today. » Amy Carter has the third big bald head wrestling backpack.

see Gouwa, who overwhelmed the scene as crazy surreal, silly big sister will actually martial arts?

« withdrawal, Kuaiche, silly sister of evil today, and we will die in her hand. » Gouwa looked scared silly big sister last one, swiftly ran.

Amy see Gouwa stumbled away, only the blink of an eye, Amy surprised to find that in addition to get on the ground bald head was beaten, gang myself ? do not know when not to run a surplus.

« Silly Sister mercy, I beg you not to backpack, and if you then look at the backpack, I can get on the Western Paradise. » bald head kneeling on the ground begging.

Amy squat, bald head and patted the head, saying:

« As long as you will no longer do Gouwa’s henchman, I’ll spare you today. »

« I can not do dioica, never do a. »

Amy suddenly changed just mild, staring fiercely bald head and said:

« Go away! »

« I roll I roll. » wonderful thing people see much more cheap, I did not seen anything like bald head so cheap, he really rolled up on the ground, the more bald head roll farther until after Amy finally comfortable out a tone, then Amy found a man standing behind him seems, in retrospect actually Kang baby. Kang baby a stinky face against his, his tightlipped on Amy said:

« Can you ah silly big sister, even Gouwa who dare to offend you, you hit the Gouwa men’s bald head is cool today, but since we can Huang sad day. »

Kang baby Amy was then overawed, Amy thought, but here in rural China, village party secretary taste a little tyrant himself seek temporary Fighter let Gouwa a bald head at a disadvantage, according to this person’s character is so easily give up yet?

« silly big sister you do not listen to my brother, he is afraid of them, I’m not afraid of it, you just really too heroic, and the bald head hit Kudiehanniang, do not know how I looked cool. » Hong Wa arm around Amy’s shoulder and said.

Amy wanted to Hong Wa Girls really a hero, with the timid compared Kang baby, I do not know how much stronger. Hong Wa Amy threw her arms around the shoulders of Hong Wa smiles:

« sister really good kind, there Tai Saozai my style. » outburst Amy knew trouble, Kang baby being Hengmei vertical eye stare themselves, Amy Kang proud hum a baby, with Hong Wa Two people pick up ground radish. Hong Wa think radish throw a pity, decided to pick it up again after dry clean. Amy Huang, home mom so poor, tears almost down. Then she remembered just saw that the enrollment notice, so that training mortician known « supreme soul » Amy decided on a school, but the tuition is too expensive, actually one academic year to $ 30,000 Amy Minato where to go These money.

Volume I doubt many of Chapter VIII

« silly, eat. » twilight Amy to come home for dinner creek Bianhan silly, silly are just home from school and a group of children playing, silly happy to see my sister ran over to see Amy dressed sunset twilight came towards his silly, warm heart raised an taste, this is the rebirth of his own after his brother, but he did not know what, Amy felt more of a responsibility to shoulder, from now on in this She and stupid is the world’s most pro-people. Amy suddenly felt so thinking it sacred, because she has not the United States is now the eldest daughter Amy wealthy, but a growth in China’s rural poor children, you want to get out of this poor village, want to succeed, you must struggle.

« sister. » silly Han Xiao ran in front of Amy called her sister happy.

Amy loved ask the ask silly dark face, said:

« go eat. » silly holding Amy’s hand and walked toward the yellow home mom.

supper Hong Wa with yellow mom Gouwa led a gang thing dioica shout their home today, yellow mom feel a little surprised, especially popular baby tell her bald head after playing a silly big sister, Amy Huang, Mom with surprised eyes to see yourself, see also Kang baby kept on the edge of sneer, Amy guilty to clip a silly bowl chopsticks tofu, push lightly down the bowl of rice self-serving. Yellow mother suddenly eat, sigh, a man walked back room. Amy Strange asked Hong Wa:

« yellow mom how? »

Hong Wa on Amy shrugged, showing a way I do not know their feelings.

Kang baby only inserted a cold:

« Your grandmother was full of gas, you this trouble finishing. »

Amy knew Kang blame her baby playing around Gouwa Reds bald head, I saw Amy « pop » is about to eat a bowl of rice on the table, Kang baby Stern said:

« you in the end or not a man, then what scene you know? Jinwa scared almost wet his pants, Gouwa force Hong Wa lose a pair of Nike shoes to him, how can there be such a reason under the sun, kicking their home an ordinary glass is actually a sum of one pair of designer shoes, how can there be such a bully.  »

« Hmmm, the truth, and you like to tell the truth in the past so why do not speak the truth, to be bullied like that are afraid to say anything actually cry? talk now how the truth came suddenly, I see you have a fever of the brain burned out bar. truth is not talking about the poor, the reason is the powerful people speak of the poor is no longer justified reason, a party secretary are these people, you do stupid sister still do not know? Have you ever humble good, Why should we succeed, who told you to succeed, we do not need you for our yellow house early. « trembling Kang baby gas.

Amy no memory of the prototype, the prototype before so I do not know how to be a bully village party secretary, but Kang baby now attitude really let her down, Amy snappily said:

« I really turned into a donkey Hepatopulmonary kind, but for me the scene today simply can not control. »

« today is because of you that we have the yellow house into trouble, I think we have to move, and from now on we will not be here for a foothold. » said Kang baby faint.

Amy think this looks with a bit of gas valiant big boys how so NAO, actually a little consciousness of resistance are not, do the forces of a party secretary really so terrible? Amy started a little afraid of what will come up Gouwa back after vicious revenge tactics. Amy never appetite for dinner, she wanted to look yellow kitchen Mom, I do not know what the yellow mom in the kitchen.

« yellow mother. » Amy Huang called behind her mother cry.

« hey. » Huang mother should be a cry, Amy saw her rubbing his eyes with the sleeve.

« Yellow Mom how do you cry? » Amy Huang mother went to him, to see her put a basket of eggs in the basket. The Collector’s Edition egg yolk mom usually simply want to eat, I do not know why put it in the basket.

yellow mother took the egg basket to Amy, said:

« These are family raised chickens eggs under, I want to give the party secretary’s wife, she must see that eggs are authentic soil eggs, to ensure that she will love you wait with me to the party secretary’s house, so I think also what to buy « yellow mother frowned for a moment, to Amy said:

« go to the canteen to buy a good bit of smoke to the village party secretary, Gouwa gift I’ve also thought well, send him a pair of Nike shoes. »

« Yellow Mom, why did you send this house so much ceremony? Jinwa just kicking the windows of their home a mediocre, need pay him a pair of Nike shoes do, he called it blackmail. » Amy holding eggs in basket with yellow mother behind. Her mother came to see the yellow cabinet beside the bed, opened the cupboard a leather envelope from the inside out, Amy Huang mother last saw the money in here, she saw the yellow mother of ten drawn from among a thick stack of money banknotes.

yellow Mom Grab money back Amy looked surprised, said:

« Silly Sister, you are not really the brain fever burned out, you used to be afraid of a party secretary, and today not only hit the side of the red man Gouwa bald head, and does not want me to apologize to their whereabouts, you I really do not understand a bit.  »

Amy thought I was reborn over, how do you know what kind of a person prototype.

« Sister, eggs, eggs. » stupid basket of eggs to see Amy took a crack wanted to eat the peel, Amy hurriedly took off from the hands of the eggs silly:

« can not eat, it is born. »

« Come on silly big sister, and then to the canteen to buy some of our ceremony. »

Amy Huang mom behind with just about to go behind Kang baby sounded cold voice:

« scourge. »

Amy stared back fiercely Kang baby one, Hong Wa this time also came over, she reached out to hug a hug Amy says:

« Ignore him 大嫂子, he was beaten silly that family? »

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